Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Woo-hoo: We're making progress here in the K house with potty training our little guy. Woo-hoo! Slowly but surely. =)

Whimsical: Hello Summer 3 by Cathy Nichols. How fun are her paintings? Love 'em!

Wisdom: The man who claims to be the boss in his own home will lie about other things as well. -Amish proverb


Worry: I worry about all the families here in Michigan whose livelihood depends on GM. Also, my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the missing passengers of flight 447 Air France. :(

Wistful: about days gone by...

Anyone know the song by Rascal Flatts called Mayberry ? Yeah, I miss Mayberry.

Web: Homemade beauty recipes using honey at the National Honey Board. I'm trying the hair shine tonight!

Wish: My mom & I were closer.

Wacky: I was sitting at the drive-up ATM the other day just staring blankly at the screen because I could not for the life of me, remember my pin. My mind was completely {{ blank }}. Just as I was resigning to the fact that I'd have to leave without any money it came to me. But wow, how wacky, huh? Tell me I'm not the only one who has done that.

Have a fabulous week blog friends!


  1. I like that Amish Proverb you found.

    I forget some silly thinks that I use all the time...like the PIN to our Garage Door Keypad...how silly is that?

  2. You are too funny...I have too many things to say on this post! 1st that artist is awesome, I checked her out, and she loves owls obviously, so most of her stuff I loved:)

    I do not know why you felt the need to show me that girdelli chocolate with caramel because now I feel the need {{strongly}} to go try some {{hormonal}} and I think this will end up on my week of W's list next week as my weekness!

    I love that Mayberry song too, and wish I lived in Mayberry. We live in a town as similiar as I think as you can get in the year 2009 and I love it. Those times are slipping away, aren't they...{{sigh}}

    And YES!!! I have forgotten my PIN, and sat there thinking to myself, ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I think our minds are so overloaded at times and they just freeze UP, like computers do at times;) lol! Glad to hear you finally got your money!

    This officially is my longest comment ever!!!!!!!!!

  3. Okay now, did you HAVE TO put up a pic of the chocolate? lol.

    Now I want some.

    One of the best parts of our trip to San Fran a couple yrs back was to that store! I spent WAY too much $$ there.

  4. It's funny how much we have to remember: ssn#s, pin #s, passwords, phone #s...it's no wonder I can't remember my thought from 2 seconds ago. Hopefully the pin # came back to you.

  5. no, you're not the only one who's done that. . . ever dial a number and forget who you called???

  6. Woo-hoo on potty training Nicholas - how exciting! I keep seeing you on ABC and 123 blog - I just love that site as well. I post there with my other site - teachingyoungchildren.wordpress.com

  7. Hey Jen! I always love your Weekend W posts...they are so fun!

    That caramel chocolate gets me every time too! They're always on my list the second I see the commercial...love them.

  8. Those paintings are very cute!

    And I HAVE done that at the ATM machine--I'm glad i'm not alone!