Saturday, July 11, 2009


New iron-on monograms from Hobby Lobby.
A buck-fifty each.

My little guy putting his shoes on all by himself.
Who cares that they're on the wrong feet?!

New glasses.
Oh my goodness-- I love these things.
A total steal at $1 each!!

My B-day present!
We've been making s'mores like crazy folk.
Crazy folk.

Who knew backyard fire pits/chimeneas were soooooo much fun?!


  1. I SO LOVE LOVE LOVE that fire pit!
    Now that is totally sweet!

    The glasses are too cool too! A buck each? Dang! Nice deal!

    Your little one is just too cute! lol

  2. interesting iron-on monograms! Never had smores before..are they really good?

  3. Digging the monogram - how clever and s'mores are the best. PS: Happy Belated Birthday - sorry I missed it. Sounds like it was fantastic.

  4. We're thinking about getting a firepit when we move--glad to hear you like yours so much!

  5. These are great things! I love the iron-ons. I so wanted to stop at that Hobby Lobby yesterday, but they are all closed on Sundays. I'll have to make a point to visit my parents on a Saturday sometime so I can go.

    Is there anything cuter than shoes proudly worn by a little one who put them on all by themeselves?