Monday, November 16, 2009

Woo-hoo: Getting geared up and excited for Christmas. My little guy is eyeing the Christmas tree's in the stores. He wants the 'white one with blue ornaments' he told me last night in Joann Fabrics. He'll just have to settle for our green one, though.

Whimsical: Silhouettes!

Wisdom: Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people. -Barbara Bush

Weakness: Bath & Body products that smell like sweet baked goods.

Worry: That I *accidentally* signed up to work in the evening on Black Friday! Eek!

Web: Just Something I Made. If you haven't been to Cathe's blog yet, go see her. She's one uber-talented graphics lady. And, she has a ton of fabulous freebies!

Wish: That we all continue to avoid the flu bug. I use hand sanitizer constantly at work, worried that I'll bring those icky germs home with me to my family. Thus far, we've all been healthy.

Wondering: When do you put up your Christmas tree?

I put mine up the day after Thanksgiving, but I really want to put it up now.
Hubby says, 'don't.
I say, 'why not?'
Hubby says, 'it's too early.'

Is it really too early when you have paper ornaments done, ready to blog about and no where to hang them? Know what I mean? ;D

Have a wonderful week blog friends!


  1. I have the same wish as you! Stay away flu. :-/

    Also, I put our tree up Dec 1st but I DO think I will do it earlier this year!

  2. I can't believe less than 5 weeks left. Ack! I can't wait to break out the paper ornaments this year.

  3. How have I not seen the cinnamon bun flavor? YUM!

  4. You should get a little tiny white tree and put it in Nicolas's room with blue ornaments...*just for him* ;)

    Yes Jen! It's TOO EARLY! Keep it special;) The day after Thanksgiving is SOOO soon!!! It's almost here!!!

  5. PS
    I know I already left a comment but I know you saw my sneak peek post for the Thanksgiving table...well the actual table post is up now if you want to see. :)

  6. Hi Becky-- yes you are right. I'm holding out until the day after Thanksgiving. =)

    Hi Lisa-- you're tablescape looks amazing! Great job!!