Monday, September 22, 2008

It's official- the first day of Autumn!

Aka the Autumn Equinox...

The day our nights start to get longer and our days shorter.

The day that people like Daddy K dislike, you know, those who hang on to every last bit of summer they can and shudder at the thought of wearing pants and sweaters.

But, it's the day that people like me LOVE! Our first official day of fall bliss, as we watch the start of leaves turning vibrant colors and falling to the ground, the cool, crisp smell in the mornings, tasty fall treats and my favorite- fall decorating!

-Fall wreath on front door? Check.

-Scarecrow out front welcoming friends and family? Check.

-Candy corn in candy dish strategically placed for easy access 10x day? Check.

I can't describe the warm, fuzzy feeling I get this time of year- but those of you that get the same feeling every Autumn, know exactly what I'm talking about. Let the fall fun begin, I say.

** A recently discovered tasty fall treasure: Candy Corn Taffy! **
Uber delicious and highly addictive!
Look at those little beauties, don't they look delish?


  1. Hi Jen!! Hey--I love the look of your blog. Straight to my blogroll you go!!

    I totally agree w/ you about fall--I'm on Cloud Nine just thinking about it! Unfortunately, it's still SO hot here and I can't fully get into fall mode until it gets cooler. I did buy some mums for outside my front door and make a fall-like pumpkin stew. Bring it on!!

  2. Yum!! where did you find candy corn taffy???

  3. Hi Becky-

    I picked it up at Walmart in the Halloween candy section. This taffy is so good- I'm eating way too many of them in a day! :D