Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yesterday's weather here in Michigan was heaven.
I spent most of the day outside soaking up the warm sunshine.

Haley & I went on a nice long walk, talking.
I cleaned up a bit in the yard.
And after dinner, it was so nice to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee outside listening to the birds.

Today is cloudy and cool.
But I have a reminder of how beautiful yesterday was...

My Forsythia is in bloom. So, I clipped a few branches and brought them inside.

The day ended just as nice as it started. Enjoying the company of my daughter while watching my favorite movie.


And, guess what? She liked it!


  1. We've been having weather like that here. One day it is nice the next it is chilly and raining.

    Looks like ya'll had lots of fun.

  2. I love days like that. And I love sharing times like that with Tate:) Very cool!

  3. thats awesome, I introduced my bestfriend to P&P yesterday.
    There is just something about the classics

  4. We had a great weather weekend too. Busy but everyone was smiling b/c of the weather.

  5. What a nice day! I love that your brought the flowers indoors to enjoy.

    I've always intended to watch Pride & Prejudice and never have...I think I'll have to rent it asap!

  6. I love to bring blooming branches inside. We all get great joy from watching the buds swell into beautiful blooms.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is wonderful. I used to live in Michigan.