Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Only the strong survive

And I survived yesterday. Yahoo!

Warning: Very long post. =)

I started my day bright and early, yesterday. {I was still nursing a head-cold but felt okay- I did pack some meds but was going to wait until I got there to take them because of that {drowsy} medicine factor}.

All was going well.

My mil was here to watch Nicholas for me while I did an 8 hour training day. Haley was ready and off to school and Hubby was ready and off to Police Academy as I made my way to the training center for the day in Detroit, with my trusty mapquest map in hand.

The drive was smooth and easy, found my exit no problem.

Then, the fun began.

Let me first start by saying- Detroit is a part of Michigan. We know sometimes we have to venture there for different reasons. Gambling, Fox Theatre, bridge to Canada, etc. And, for the most part, you'll have absolutely no problem at all, with anything.


it's not the safest city you've ever been in. I'll leave it at that.

So, I make my exit and this address on my mapquest is no where to found. No.Where.

The map shows, that after I make my exit I only drive like 28.3 seconds until my destination. Easy, right?

Umm... Sure. If there wasn't a fork in the road!! Do I go right or do I go left? I'll go left because it's the shortest way to go. Yep, right street. Big college on right, umm. not it. Second building on right, I'm looking... wrong address. I'm off by hundreds. Lovely. Well, it must be the other way. I mean, there is only one other building I passed.

I turn around and manage to find myself back on the .... Expressway!!!

Geez, Louise. Nice. Drive to the next exit. Turn around. Get off at the exit I need. Turn the other way. I pass buildings, can't read any addresses. Some are abandoned. So I call hubby. He knows some of D rock city. Nope, he doesn't know. Sorry. {I'm driving while talking, by the way. Getting deeper and deeper into unknown Detroit Territory.

I won't bore you with the rest of the details but, I'll tell you this:

1) Took me 45 minutes to find the building.
2) Building was connected to first building I encountered coming off the expressway 45 minuted earlier.
3) Screeched my tires and almost went off the side of the exit onto the freeway.
4) Had a small crying spurt.
5) Arrived late to training.
6) Nose was running like crazy and experiencing a constant tickle in throat.

So, after walking into a people filled room late {wondering if I'm the only person that couldn't find this PAIN IN THE ARSE building... and sitting just a few minutes-

The constant coughing begins. Yeah, almost to the point of gagging. Nice. Very. Nice.

I secretly pop the two tablets that {should} help, and pray to the good Lord I make it through the day.

I almost didn't. But, I knew I was in trouble when medicine-head me, had to stand and tell a bit about myself along with my most embarrassing moment. {You know to break the ice, they say}. I didn't remember my ramblings five minutes after I sat down. Not good.

Again, not to bore you with yet, more details- Over the remainder of the day this happened:

1) Coughed so much I thought I was going to pee my pants or vomit.
2) Had gas. Not good. I was so scared you-know-what was going to happen.
3) Stomach started grumbling {loudly} after about noon. {they let us out for lunch at one}
4) Had blurred vision trying to keep my eyes open after 6 hours of lecturing.
5) Ate through an entire bag of Halls.

After getting home and making/consuming dinner. I heard these two funny things.

Hubby asking me if he heard his message this morning after I talked to him telling me {not get out of the car if I got lost}- very, very bad area. I can laugh at this now, but imagine if I were to have heard this while driving lost in the very, very bad area?!

Haley telling me how bad it was with the Halls thing- that she doesn't think you are supposed to eat entire bag of Halls. Shoot- I would have ate 3 bags of Halls if it would have stopped my truly embarrassing and completely disruptive coughing fits.

But, guess what?



Another twilight zone day under my belt. =)


  1. Uhoh...that's one of my nightmares...being lost in an unfamiliar place plus having to be somewhere on time. You handled yourself quite well. I hope you're feeling better and there are no after effects from eating a bag full of halls.

  2. Oh you poor thing! That totally sounds like me!
    But you are right! YOU DID IT! One day done.....um alot more to go...But it will get easier with time! right?...I mean it has too!

    Hang in there!

  3. That is terrible! I'm sorry you were not feeling well. Hopefully you are better today.

    If it makes you feel any better, I peed in my pants when I sneezed today. SO EMBARRASSING!

  4. Oh Jen--you poor baby!! I hate/freak out getting lost--especially if I'm running late! I would have been crying too.

    At least you got through it!! I hope that nasty cold is done w/ you soon!!

  5. You poor thing! I'm glad you made it through ok, you are quite the trooper! Hope you're feeling better today. {{Hugs!}}

  6. Oh my, I would of totally spazed out. So glad you finally made it to class safe and sound. Hope your feeling better!