Monday, November 3, 2008

Under the weather and the umbrella, today.

It's a rainy morning here.

The fallen, wet leaves out front.

I feel under the weather today. Sinus drainage is for the birds! This morning I couldn't swallow because that yucky drainage did a doozy on my throat while I was fast asleep.

My bff coffee doesn't even taste good. {{gasp}}

As long as I feel halfway decent tomorrow to vote.

Who am I kidding? There's not a thing that could keep me from voting tomorrow. I spent way too much time getting hung up on at the campaign office phone bank these past months.


The kids enjoyed Halloween. (I can't wait to make my blog roll rounds and see all the Halloween pictures today!) Nicholas whispered 'Trick-or-Treat' and 'Thank you' at every house, and I got a few good chuckles from the candy givers who whispered, 'You're Welcome'.


Haley snapped a few good pictures of her & Nicholas. I'd love to have this one for our Christmas cards. Too bad it's cut-off. wdyt?

This one...

Or this one?

When I seen this one, I did a, Whoa!
When did she grow up?
I don't always see her like that, all grown up looking.
Isn't that weird that I don't?

Well, I'm off to read the medicine box again- shouldn't this stuff be working by now?

Happy Monday!


  1. I hope you feel better soon Jen! But I agree--nothing would stop me from voting--I'm so excited!!!!

    Your kids look so cute in their costumes!! I think for your Christmas cards the second one would be good (one after cut-off one). I need to get on the ball w/ my card ideas...

  2. Cute costumes, cute pics. Hope you get to feeling better soon so you can rock the vote!

  3. I get frequent sinus infections and drainage, and the neti pot has really saved my life. It is a little hard to get used to, but it has really improved my allergies! I hope you feel better!

  4. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! I had a crazy sinus thing going on yesterday, but it's better today. Hopefully the same will go for you.

    Haley and Nicholas are adorable! I'm glad you had fun trick-or-treating!

  5. Great pictures!!! I hope you are feeling better soon! I feel a chest cold coming on, here. Bah.

  6. Cute pictures! I hope you're feeling better soon! That's no fun!

  7. I would pick the 1st picture..but they all turned out cute!

    You kids look great in their costumes!

  8. I hope you're beginning to feel better!

    I tagged you for a '7 things' meme today, but there's no rush to do it or even complete it at all. I thought you might have fun with it and I would like to get to know you better if you do decide to answer =)

    Take care!

  9. Thanks, ladies for the get-well wishes. I hope to start feeling better here soon- I hope.

    Thanks Jenny- it sounds fun! :)