Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This work-thingy

... is really kicking my boot-tay! Seriously, I have to ask myself, 'woman, where's your stamina?!'

Last night I got home around 8ish, finally ate some dinner and put little one to bed, and guess what I did? Zzzzzz... I klonked out. At least after today, I have the rest of the week off- woo-hoo!


Ever get a song in your head, and you wonder how that happened because you don't remember actually hearing the song in a long while?

That happened to me the other day.

I'm doing my thing around the house and boom- this song is in my head, and I'm singing away. Yeah, la-lala-la, used to love this song. Anyone remember these lyrics...

I see your true colors shining through,
I see your true colors, and that's why I love you.
So don't be afraid, to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
like a rainbow...

If you guessed the amazingly awesome Miss Cyndi Lauper's, 'True Colors' you are so right on. =)

Being a mom of a teen girl, I try to really let her know how much I love her and respect her individuality. {This can be a hard thing to do when she's walking around like she owns everything and thinks she's 30 instead of 13}

I just think it's really important for me to this. So, I write a lot of little notes/cards here and there. On her big dry-erase board in her room, I wrote the same lyrics that I just wrote above. Here's what happened later that evening:

{Haley comes into my room}

Haley: Oh my God, Mom. {Wet eyes?} Did you write that?
Me: Write what? {remembers} Oh yeah, did you like it?
Haley: It's soooooo good. Did you write that, Mom?
Me: {Oh, she means did those words come from my noggin'} No, Cyndi Lauper did. It's a song.
Haley: Oh. Cool. {she's smiling walking back into her room}
Me: love you. {thinking} Yep, she liked that I wrote that on her board. =)

“Happiness is self-contentedness.” - Aristotle


  1. That's so sweet Jen!! And a good idea to write things on her board like that! Of course now that song is stuck in my head...

  2. Gotta love those sweet moments.

  3. I'm keeping a note of this for when my little girl reaches that age. What a great mom you are!

  4. and you still find time for love notes!

  5. Awe, your such a sweet momma! Gotta love Cyndi Lauper...now where are my leg warmers and banana clips, kik ;0)

  6. Isn't that just so sweet? Aww, the songs of the 80s (90s?).

    I'm sorry to hear work is kicking your butt but woohoo for having he rest of the week off!

  7. Too cute. I leave messages for my son on his chalkboard all the time!

  8. That's so cool that she liked the lyrics. Great song! I love that song. Sounds like a beautiful moment:)

  9. Okay, I should not be teary eyed over a Cyndi Lauper song but in the context of you post? Wow. It's always a wonderful day when you can impact the life of a teenage girl! It's hard, I know. Wonderful!