Monday, November 10, 2008

Silly Face

Nicholas' bedtime routine consists of reading him a few books.
Usually, three.
The Way I Feel is one of those books that he loves for us to read to him.

The other evening I opened the book, read the first line...


...looked over at Nicholas, and this is the face I seen-


So silly

How did I ever live without this little guy?

Here's some toilet paper roll peeps that the kids (Haley & 8 year-old nephew) made over the weekend. Pretty cute Thanksgiving decor, huh?


Thanks to Family Fun for the idea!
{Don't you just love that website for kid's crafts?!}

We're going to make these for Thanksgiving Day.
{I have a big box full of tp rolls that I've saved for crafts}
I'm thinking I could use the same idea for Christmas. =)

Oh, Guess what I woke up to this morning? Snow flurries!! {{brrrr}}


  1. SO cute Jen!! Whata great kid he is!

    Those crafts are all realy fun! Gooser usually gets to all the paper towel and tp rolls before I have a chance to stash them away.

    It's COLD here too!

  2. Fun faces - he's a cutie.

    Boo to snow...after coming back from warm Hawaii I can barely stand the bare trees and chilly air. I know wahh, right?

  3. What a cutie! Little Boys are the best!

    Yay! Snow...I can't wait till we get that here;)

  4. Oh Thank you, Thank you for changing your comments back! Uggh that was confusing yesterday! I do love the look of your blog page though!! That was a good change;)

  5. Awww...I miss that sweet artwork the kids used to make!

  6. What a funny boy! My oldestb is 2 1/2 and I just love this stage! And I think I found our craft for the week! How fun are those?! I love your blog by the way!

  7. OMG, That is soo cute! Hes got the look down, lol. Great project idea, thanks :0)

  8. Those are the cutest pictures of a kid I have ever seen. Well, not counting the millions of my kids. :)