Friday, August 7, 2009

Aloha Friday: Superstitious?

Yay- It's Aloha Friday! My Aloha Friday question is:

Are you superstitious?

Have you ever thrown spilled salt over your shoulder? (I think I've seen Rachael Ray do that.) Have you ever avoided opening an umbrella in the house? Or any of these...

Here's the Top 10 Superstitions:

1. Breaking a mirror
2. Walking under a ladder
3. Friday 13th
4. Opening an umbrella indoors
5. A black cat crossing your path
6. The sight of a single magpie
7. Spilling salt
8. Placing shoes on the table or on the bed
9. Treading on cracks in the pavement
10. Walking over three drains

Me? No. I'm not superstitious. Never have been.

I just don't believe in luck. Good or bad. Do you?

Head on over to An Island Life for more Aloha Friday questions and to play.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. LOL ~ I still don't like to step on cracks! And when I am playing golf, if I hit a bad shot, I know it's the BALL, and not me, so I have to switch to a totally different brand of ball too!

  2. Not so much. But if I have a streak of weird days, I may pay attention to superstitions a little, lol. You know...just in case, lol

  3. No...I guess I'm not. I am very logical by nature.
    Happy Friday!

  4. Sometimes it gets me. My grandmother really is so I have a hard time not hearing her voice everytime a black cat crosses my path or something to that nature! lol

  5. No I am not superstitions but I guess I do some silly things...mostly because they are silly and used to do them as a kid. I know it doesn't matter if I split a pole with someone or drive over railroad tracks without lifting my feet but I like to do it anyway.

  6. I am not superstitious and I do not believe in luck.

  7. no, not at all. I used to read about different superstitions as a kid though. Does that count? :)

  8. I am superstitious to an extent. I blame it on my filipino upbringing - there is an superstition for everything. Like don't sing in the kitchen you won't get married, if you drop a fork on the floor that means a visitor. You definitely won't catch me walking over grates/drains...I'm just scared of falling in.

  9. I used to avoid lines and cracks in the pavement when I was little but that's it. I'm not superstitious.

  10. No I am not superstitious at all. Growing up there was the stepping over the cracks and avoiding umbrellas inside but I gave up on all of that.

  11. I am a little, I would not do numbers 2 and 4!

  12. The only one of those I do is avoid cracks in the pavement, but I think that's more of an OCD thing than a superstition. In general I'm not a believer in luck, good or bad, but it seems nice to blame my misfortunes on "bad luck" rather than my own choices sometimes!

  13. Not really superstitious but I do respect others opinions on the matter. I have a friend who is Philippino & was raised Catholic. She had some very interesting "traditions" that were pretty superstitious.

  14. I don't know if I would say I am superstitious but why take unnecessary risks lol

  15. No, not really. Of course I used to have certain things that I would like to do before big tests when in college, but nothing that I thought mattered - just made me feel better.

  16. I'm really not. I've worked with ladders a lot and so walking under them does not phase me at all. Now a black cat...ok, I'd rather stay away.

  17. nope, i'm not superstitious.