Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If you'd have told me 15 years ago that I'd love nothing more than to have spent a sunny, summer afternoon making...

Blueberry preserves


Strawberry preserves

I'd have called you crazy.

I'm amazed myself at how much enjoyment I get from hulling, crushing, cooking and canning berries. I'm really enjoying my toast & jam in the mornings, too. =)


  1. I know! lol.
    If someone told me 20 yrs ago I'd be making a line of soap and growing a garden AND going to sleep by 10 and up by 630....I woulda just laaaaaaaaughed and said...shut UP
    Then did another shot.


  2. Looks so good. What a delicious habit to have.

    I agree - there are some things I'm doing now that my 20 y.o. self would never have thought of.

  3. those look REALLY REALLY good Jen!!! We LOVE jam/jelly in this house!!!

  4. Homemade Jam is the BEST!!!

    Definitly save some for those winter months~ its tastes even better then!

    I just made raspberry cobbler today and it was divine;) Love these summer fruits!

  5. Those look so yummy! Homemade Jam is so much better than the stuff from the store.

  6. Same with me and knitting. Grandmas knit...not 30 somethings! Yet, I love it! Yum, those look delicious!

  7. Oh heavens--that is so yummy looking. Even though it's in the jar. I wish I knew how to do that. I'll add it to my list!