Sunday, August 9, 2009

no. 15

Woo-hoo: Hubby had 17 days of furlow and we were able to get sooo many small home projects done! Back to work for both us tomorrow, though. Wahh!

Whimsical: moss terrarium No. 118 {I have a jar just like this (on a pedestal, though)-- I need to make myself one!}
Do you think these are cool as I do?

Wisdom: Forget injuries. Never forget kindnesses. -Confucius

Weakness: Blueberry Oatmeal Bars!

Wistful: about cool, crisp autumn mornings...

{soon enough, though right?!}

Web: No time for flash cards. A fabulous craft/preschool resource!

Wish: I would have planted more perennials in the garden this year.

What's your w's?

Have a wonderful week blog friends!


  1. I LOVE your new header with all your pictures. You are so creative! I wouldn't even know where to start to do something like that!

    I love fall, but I rememeber still how long last winter I don't want to rush it;)

  2. Okay, first off, that's a sweeet jar of moss. I have a few empty one that are shaped similar that I got at a flea market years ago.

    My W's? Hmmm. Wicked hot weather. You left a comment at my place about the sticky steamy weather. Here too. Wicked. Bleh!

    Wondering (when golf will be over with on tv.) lol. It's the Bridgestone PGA thing in Akron near our place...but the stupid thing is on for like FOUR DAYS. lol

  3. I like the family collage - I think that's the first photo I've seen of your handsome hubby. I'm still a fan of summer but I think after this hot week, I may be ready for fall too.

  4. We're really looking forward to autumn mornings too!

    I have everything on hand to make the blueberry oatmeal bars, so I think that's what I'll make for snack today. My kiddos are going to be so excited, thanks!

    Have a great week!