Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WFMW no.9


The best anti-frizz, non-greasy spray. ever.

I have hair that is half wavy/half curly and dries something like this:

I'm exaggerating.

Only just a bit.

'Cause it dries huge, and curly/wavy/frizzy.

When I need to tame it and I don't feel like using the straight iron I use my best bud.

Meet Cyclomethicone.

I put this stuff in a spray bottle and while my hair is damp, I spritz away without a care that it'll leave my hair greasy or feeling heavy. It stops the frizz and gives my hair a bit of shine as well.

{Many moons ago, back when my mom & I had our own handmade bath & body company-- we'd add fragrance and use this as a dry body oil. This stuff is fabulous!}

You can't find this on the store shelves, though. It has to be purchased from a bath and body products supply business. {The above link is where I've purchase mine from for years.}

It's worth the trouble to order, though. Especially if your hair dries something like mine.

Works for me. =)

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Happy Wednesday!


  1. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

  2. Sweet! Thanks for the great info! :)

  3. That is a seriously great tip. You and I have twinsie hair and only my straight iron tames it. I'll have to give this stuff a go...thanks!

  4. Cool ~ I've never heard of it before. My daughters hair is often a bit like Tina's. ;-)

  5. my hair is the opposite. flat flat flat

  6. You just made my entire year!!! It sounds like we have identical hair types and I've always struggled with it. Thank you so very, very much!

  7. This humidity has been absolutly CRAZY!!! hasn't it!?!?!?!


    Thanks for the tip:)

  8. I have really puffy hair. Not fun and curly, but just...bouffant. It's not pretty. I must try this! Thanks for the tip. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Ha! I have the same kind of hair. Will have to look into that stuff for sure.

  10. I have hair like that too! Great tip!