Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Duchess


If you know me, there's not a period movie I've seen that I didn't like.

Until now.

Mid-movie I shut this off.

Hard to explain.

As adorable as I think Keira Knightley is- {loved her in Atonement & Silk!!} she's just not the Georgiana I've envisioned and read about.

Georgiana having been a beautiful and intelligent woman, writer and political campaigner with a somewhat large penchant for gambling, but beloved by so many... you just don't get this in the movie.

Unfortunately IRL, she was married to a jerk of a Duke man who had a love affair with her backstabbing little witch she thought a friend and confidante best friend.

I think she was much more than the menage-a-trois...


Sonnet Inscribed To Her Grace The Dutchess Of Devonshire

by Mary Darby Robinson

'TIS NOT thy flowing hair of orient gold,
Nor those bright eyes, like sapphire gems that glow;
Nor cheek of blushing rose, nor breast of snow,
The varying passions of the heart could hold:

Those locks, too soon, shall own a silv'ry ray,
Those radiant orbs their magic fires forego;
Insatiate TIME shall steal those tints away,
Warp thy fine form, and bend thy beauties low:

But the rare wonders of thy polish'd MIND
Shall mock the empty menace of decay;
The GEM, that in thy SPOTLESS BREAST enshrin'd,
Glows with the light of intellectual ray;
Shall, like the Brilliant, scorn each borrow'd aid,
And deck'd with native lustre NEVER FADE!

If you were going to rent this- I'd say, dont waste your time. Rent Pride and Prejudice instead. =)

Happy Saturday!


  1. That's a bummer about your movie but good for you turning it off. I would have probably watched the whole thing then be mad at myself for wasting the time.

  2. I am so suprised. I haven't seen it, but i know you love this kind of stuff, and I love Kiera Knightly.

    That stinks:(

  3. Hi!
    Oh no... I haven't seen Duchess yet and something tells me I shouldn't bother. I came across your review and think I should heed your advice :)

  4. Ohh, thanks for the commentary... haven't seen this one yet, but was on my list. Maybe I'll wait now. Thanks.
    I hate wasting time on bad movies