Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend W's

Is it Monday already? The weekends are just too darn short, imo.

Woo-hoo: Saturday night I did dinner & a coffee bar til' midnight with a best gal pal. We talked for hours! I keep telling myself I need to do this more often with friends, but then life gets in the way, know what I mean?

Whine: My peeling, cracking nails! I just don't understand why they won't grow!! Wahhh!

Wisdom: Friendship with ones self is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Weakness: English Toffee Cappuccino

Want: Spring?

Web: The Vintage Moth. Free Vintage Clipart! =)

Wish: Better time management. There's so much more I could get done in a day...

Happy Monday!


  1. I love the words of Wisdom this week...great quote!

    We are suppose to get snow again today...I really want Spring to be here! How much longer?

  2. I'm with you. I WANT spring. Cute blog header. I love how you change things up.

  3. Hi Danielle! Ugh, snow? Yuck. Keep warm, girlie. Have a great Monday!

    Hi Jen! We have some spring fever, don't we?! Thanks for the sweet comment about the new header. I spend a bit too much free time with Photoshop. =)

  4. np spring for me! winter means layers, which hide my flab. it's a win/win situation! haha.

    that english toffee cappucino sounds so good!

  5. Do you know that Eleanor Roosevelt published a daily syndicated column "My Day" six days a week for almost 26 years????

    Now that was a blogger!!!

  6. Happy Mondsy Jen! Your night out w/ your friend sounds so fun!!

  7. A night out at a coffee bar with a friend sounds SO NICE!

  8. I would have WAAY better time management if I didn't blog! LOL!

  9. Hi Andrea- The capp is soooooo good. You must try one at Tim Horton's. =)

    Hi Liz! I didn't know she wrote daily for 26 years! She was such an amazing gal, wasn't she?

    Hi Jen, Jen & Becky!

    I hear ya Becky, the things I could get done if I didn't blog. ;P