Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Electric youth?

I'm sitting here looking over Haley's Christmas list she compiled over the weekend and I'm wondering if I fell asleep and woke up in 1985?

It is 2008, right?

Here's one thing from her list:

A few months back, I'm watching Haley & her bff walking out of the mall over to the car wearing the louver shades and I'm thinking to myself, I am way too young for my childhood fashion fads to come back. Or so I thought.

What's funny is that they think it's somehow much cooler now since they are wearing it. As if we looked any different as teenagers all decked out in colored plastic jewelry/accessories. {{chuckle and eye roll}}

Here's Haley in all her louver glory.

Here's the other T-shirt on her list:

I realized her adoration for the peace symbol after she spent a week's worth of allowance on a 3 inch, pewter peace symbol necklace. {{blink}} You want that big ole' thing honey? {{blink}}

Should I get these for her stocking?

I have to admit, it's pretty great watching my teen grow and seeing myself in her.

Well... just a wee bit.


Electric youth
Feel the power, you see the energy
Comin' up
Coming on strong
The future only belongs
in the hands of itself
and the future is
Electric youth
It's true you can't fight it
Live by it
the next generation...
it's electric.



  1. That's funny! Things from the 80's really do come around again;) Lovin' the shades! LOL Those are great!

  2. Yikes - 80s fashion was so bad. I did see a celebrity pegging her pants. As long as big hair doesn't make a comeback, I'll be ok.

  3. Make sure that you put a bottle of aqua net and a banana clip in her stocking!!!

  4. OMG! I forgot about bannan clips!!! They were a staple in my closet!

    just wanted you to know I tagged you...go check out my blog!

  5. Banana clips, those were some plastic beauties! Hehehe.

  6. OMG--I think HAD that shirt w/ the glasses in the 80s!! I'm actually happy that the 80s are "back." I look good in Flashdance sweatshirts and leggings!

  7. It's official I must be old with no sense of style because not one of those things looks like I something I want! Make sure she gets one of those little rings for the corner of her tshirt to tie it up instead of having to put a knot in it lol.