Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Talk to me Tuesday

It's 'Talk to me Tuesday' time over at Tip Junkie!

Tuesday's topic is: Show off your Fall & Halloween Decor~

Here's a few of mine: Since I only have a few pics of my decor, I thought I'd collage 'em in photoshop.


I'd love to see yours- Let me know where to find ya!

Happy Fall!


  1. How fun! Looks great - I love the table set up. I still need to put up my web although I think there are some real ones hanging around.

  2. Very cute stuff! I usually have my Halloween decorations up by now--but I've been too busy. I'm going to TRY to get them up today--that's the plan anyway--but Pickle's not cooperating...If I do, I'll post pics tomorrow!

  3. HI Jen- lol- I'm sure we have some real ones here, too!

    Hi Jen- I can't wait to see your spoooky decor! :)

  4. Thanks for leaving me a comment when you stopped by my blog! Your little boy is super-cute! I was also looking at your other blog, the one with the jewelery. About how much are the necklaces? I really like the circle one, that looks like a ring.

  5. Very cute collage :) I am not decorating at all this yr for Halloween.... focused on Christmas already!