Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lucky Duck

That's what I felt like all snuggled up on the couch yesterday afternoon.

Somehow, someway, I scored yesterday. On our way back from a store excursion, (I say excursion for lack of a better word. I typed and erased, trip to store hell, but thought that may be a bit of an exaggeration) Nicholas fell asleep in the car.

As I turned back around from glancing at my sleeping guy in the back seat, I started forming a plan in my head. It went something like this...

- Find a Tim Horton's and grab a coffee and something sweet.
- Manage to move Nicholas from car to toddler bed and remove jacket without waking him.
- Grab down-filled throw, pop in the movie I rented on monday, sit for 2 hours uninterrupted while sipping favorite beverage.

Guess what? I did it! I executed my plan!- not to a 'T' but better. Instead of just grabbing a coffee and a sweet from TH, I ended up with a breakfast sandwich, pumpkin spice donut (mmmmm..) and a coffee.

The movie I popped in was, Love in the time of Cholera .

Have you see this movie?

I'm still unsure if I loved it or hated it.

Hmmm. Maybe, I should have read the book first.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my 'me' time.

One question though, Is it Friday yet? I'm ready for the weekend.


  1. Wow you ARE lucky!! What a nice treat. I read the book but have not seen the movie. I read the book a looong time ago though so I don't remeber it all that well.

  2. Hehehe- I still don't know how I got so lucky- lol. :P

  3. "Me" time sounds divine. Great execution, Jen!