Saturday, October 11, 2008

My first award! Woot-woot!


My very first award! Thanks so much to Just Me @
Snickerdoodles for my gorgeous award and for making this woman giddy with excitement to receive it!

Isn't it a beauty?? I happen to be {{madly in love}} with two kinds of patterns, Damask and Toile. So, imagine my ooooh's and aaaahhhh's when I seen it.

Besides hanging this oh-so-beautiful-award up in my blog, the receiver of this award must list 6 things that make them happy.

My happy things list:

1) My hubby. We met before I was able to drive. As a teen, I used to write Mrs. Jennifer K**** over and over again in my journal while sitting in my bunkbed dreaming of marrying this hunk of burning love. It's still a bit embarassing when my Mom brings this up. (Especially, in front of hubby.) I usually say- No, I did not, Mom. *eye roll* But, I so did. {{chuckle}} Half of my life I've loved him, and I pan to the rest of it.

2) My kids. I can sum up the gianormous feelings of love for my kids in four words: My cup runneth over. They are my life, my loves, my everything. I hope they will always know how much I love them.

3)My pooch, Daisy. My old girl as I call her now, she just turned 12 in September and I can see the grey around her eyes and mouth. The cataracts has invaded her eyes, but I still see that stunningly gorgeous, energetic pup that I remember snuggling up next to at night. She's made my life more beautiful than I can imagine.

4)Coffee. What is this love I have for the dark, bitter stuff? {{smile}} It's my warmth on a cold winter evening. It's my relaxation when I need a rest. It's my reason for buying those fancy scrolled coffee cups from Marshall's recently, and it's my beverage of choice all day, anyday. {{sipping some warm java}} Ahhh...

5) Period movies. Just to name a few.. Pride and Prejudice (of course, see fridays post), Sense and Sensiblity, Becoming Jane, Emma, Vanity Fair, Elizabeth, Wives and Daughters. These movies make me happy. I like to snuggle up with a blanket and be swept away.

6) My home. When we were in our first home, I bought things to fill it. In this home, I'm surrounded by only the things I love- I never buy anything for it that I don't truly adore. I feel so safe here. {{smile}}

Now it's time to pass the award on:

1)Steph @ The flies blend
2)Emily @ little momma and company
3)Willow @ Willow Manor
4)Jen @ The fun house
5)Jennifer @ The Wilson Six
6)Jenny @ Daily Dose of Motherhood

Thanks for the inspiring blogs, I love reading them!


  1. Congrats! Glad I found your blog.

  2. Thanks, Jen! I love visitng your place. :)

  3. Look at all the Jennifer's. haha

    Thanks so much for the award. I am going to copy your words that say you love toile and damask because I LOVE that stuff!

    Thank you for thinking of me! I am honored!! What a great ending to my Birthday Week!

  4. YW Jennifer!

    We are toile and damask luvas.

    I adore those cute little damask wrislets of yours. I may have to get me one soon. :)

  5. This pretty award looks like it was designed just for your blog! Congratulations!! And thank you SO much for passing it along to me!!! I am thrilled and very honored. :D

  6. Thanks Jennifer! You just made my morning!

    I'm really enjoying your blog, it's going into my reader as I type this =)

    Again, thanks! I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. :) Jennifer, the award looks wonderful on your blog!

    I love your list:)

  8. YW Willow! Your blog is absolutely, the loveliest I've come across. I enjoy each visit to Willow Manor.

    YW Jenny- I was {{thrilled}} to find your chicken piccata recipe!

    Thanks, Just Me-- You rock! :)

    Dee Light- Thank you for the nice comment & for stopping by!

  9. WTG! Im glad you started a blog, very nice :0)

  10. Thank you so much, you are so sweet!!

  11. Congratulations on your award, Jen, and thank you for giving it to me! It's a beauty!! I like your lists of things that make you happy!

    Thanks again!!

  12. Ang- thanks!:)

    YW Emily- you are one creative momma. :)

    YW Jen- Your blog is always so fun to read!:)