Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Weekend W's

My Weekend W's: {This should have been yesterday's post- oops!}

Woo-hoo: I finished the Twilight Saga! Woo-hoo!

Whine: The novelty of being back to work has worn off?!

Wisdom: Sometimes, it rains on the just. Sometimes it rains on the unjust. And, sometimes it just rains. - Unknown

Weakness: A good sale.

Worry: That I'm a good enough mom.

Want: The Duchess DVD.

Web: Ivillage 'twilight' board. I really enjoyed reading the posts last night after I was done w/breaking dawn.

Wish: I was going on vacation soon. To some place warm.

Weird: You know what's weird? At work, when we'll have the rudest person drop off a script, and then ask, 'can I get this as soon as possible?'
Ummm... yeah, sure. How fast should we get this ready for you?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Came over from SITS.... I love your Weekend W's...I am also crazy about the Twilight series and am "in love" with Edward.. :)

  2. Hi Melissa- Thanks for stopping by!

    I completely understand how you would be in love! ;D

  3. did you love Twilight series?? I SOOOOOO loved it... can't wait to see the New Moon movie... although I wasn't totally impressed with the Twilight movie... but that always happens after reading a book. :)

    i love your W's... I want to go on vacation too. and WARM is a MUST!! we are talking about FL in March... I am praying with all my might that this will work... but I'm highly doubtful... we have our friends wedding coming up... they are thinking some where around the end of August... that gives me about 8 mnths to get some $ together... but anyway... I'm with you on a need for a vacay. :)

    love rude customers/patients. ugh. and then they are the ones that always want a favor or something extra done or faster service... yeah... okay. lol :)

    hope your day today goes faster and better... and you enjoy your time off for New Years!!



  4. Sending warm thoughts your way. We're having a mild week. I hope that doesn't mean a colder January.

  5. Twilight series!!!! I'm sure you loved it!!!



  6. so i must know your thoughts now that you are done with the books!

  7. Love the wisdom. . . sometimes it just rains.

  8. Wow--you went through those books fast Jen! I'm with you on the vacay idea--maybe Spring Break??

  9. Good reminder to be nice to the pharmacist ;0) Ah, vacation sounds divine *dream*

  10. Hi Jennifer- I LOVED twilight. What a sweet, sweet, sweet lovestory. I went and seen twilight last night w/Haley! It was good, and I'm excited for New Moon, too! :)

    Hi Jen! Hi Tabitha! Hi Liz! Hi Angie!

    Andrea- I just can't seem to get enough. I'm reading Midnight sun now and I'll be plenty sad when I'm done with that, too. kwim?

    Jennifer - I did go throught he books quick, didn't I? lol. I felt like I couldn't read them fast enough, though. hehehehe.

    I'm hoping to go somewhere for spring break, but with Jay being a rookie- who knows if he'll be able to get that time off. sigh. {crossing fingers}

    Happy New Year bloggy friends! =)

  11. What is Midnight Sun? I saw your comment on Danielle's page.