Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend W's

My weekend W's:

Woo-hoo: My Christmas cards are written. Now, I just need stamps.

Whine: My check was shorted by 11 hours this week. At least next check will be bigger, right?! =)

Wisdom: We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.
-Mother Teresa

Weakness: Babies & Baby animals.

Want: Olga's. Yummm...

Web: What the World Eats. I thought this was interesting.

Wish: With the Goodfellows organization on my mind, I wish for every child to have a Christmas.

Weird: It's weird how my candy dish full of M&M's keeps disappearing, yet no one claims to have eaten them. :D


  1. Wow--that's great you have your cards ready to go! I'm epecting mine in the mail very soon--then the whole addressing process is before me...

  2. i like this idea. :) how do you choose a letter or do you go through the alphabet??

    I wanted to do cards this year. b/c since having my daughters i have only sent cards one year. and I LOVE to get cards and send them an all that.. but no such luck this year with just moving and all that. so hopefully next year. :)

    I love the "wisdom" quote you have... how very true and what great advice. :)

    have a great Monday!!


  3. Love this idea (will have to borrow one day).

    What is Olga's? Is that something I can get here too?

    Yup, our candy dish mysteriously goes empty too...must be our Elfis :)

  4. You are on the ball! I havne't even taken my pictures yet. I'm thinking I want something different than what I posted on my blog. Who am I kidding - I'll wait too long and they won't go out. LOL>

  5. Thats all I need now too are stamps :0) Wow Times' "what the world eats" is a really interesting site. Great W's, have a Wonderful Week!

  6. Would love to know what Olga's is too! (like I don't eat enough sweets:)
    great quote by Mother Teresa...she was amazing!

  7. I wish you a warm, wild, and worry-free, wickedly wonderful "west" of the week!

  8. Hi ladies!

    Olga's is a restaurant here in Michigan. I think they are in a few other states, too. They serve the {absolute best} flatbread sandwich w/beef & lamb, tomatoes, onions and olga sauce. Soooo good. :)

    I'm craving it bad. ;P

  9. Hi Jennifer! I needed a way to have a weekend wrap up post, so I came up w/ a few 'w' words and now I have the weekend w's. Let me know if you can think of any more good 'w' words. :)

  10. What the World Eats is very interesting, thanks for the link!

    Woo-hoo is right for having your cards done. Way to go!

    After reading through the comments I think I might have to make a drive up to Michigan. Olga's sounds fantastic!