Friday, February 27, 2009

Aloha Friday!- Would you rather?


Yippee- It's Aloha Friday!

My Aloha Friday question is:

Would you rather spend the day...

cooking with Paula Deen?
crafting with Martha Stewart?
chatting with Oprah?
shopping with Paris Hilton?(oh yeah, she's buying 'cause you're her bff for the day)

I love Martha.
I like Oprah.
And, I'd rather shop with my bff than with Paris.

But, cooking with Paula Deen... how fun would that be?? She seems like such a sweetheart, and so down-to-earth. I could see myself cracking up with laughter while cookin' up some of her delicious fried chicken and biscuits. Oh, how I would enjoying eating her food. Butta and all, y'all. Yumm. =)

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Aloha! I choose Paula Deen, shes sucha southern sweetie, we would have a fun day chatting and cooking away. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hmmm. Martha would stress me out. I think I could kick it with Oprah and Paula but if Paris is buying, I'm there. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Can I cook with Rachel Ray or Sarah Lee? I guess I'd choose cooking because it's what I've been in the mood to do lately.

  4. I hate crafts, so Martha is out. I could really use some new additions to my wardrobe, but don't think I could handle Paris for even one day. So it's a toss-up between Oprah and Paula. I think Paula would be a blast to cook with so I'm going with her.

  5. None of those.... I am not a fan of any of them and don't know who Paula Deen is. Can I change the cooking person to Rachel Ray??? I think that would be fun.

  6. Popping in from SITS -

    Hmmm - such a toss up - I would have to pick Martha though.

    Happy Friday!

  7. I'd love to chat with Oprah--although I'm sure I'd love to eat anything that Paula makes!

  8. I'd choose completely based on personality and likability factor so I'd go with Paula Deen. She seems to be the most down to earth of the bunch.

  9. Oh I'm totally with you. Cooking with Paula would be so much fun.

    Oprah's show is good most of the time but she's a little too out there for my tastes I think.

    Paris would drive me crazy so that's out.

    And Martha? Her crafts would probably kick some butt. She's sort of dull though, don't you think?

  10. shopping with paris. but mostly so i could have a bunch of crazy stories to post about.

  11. The intellectual side would say Oprah. The materialistic Paris. (but only if she was buying).

  12. hmmmmm
    i love Martha's creativity, but she can be pushy... Oprah may just be bored... I mean, I haven't lost 100lbs, been set on fire, or given birth to a litter, just twins. and Paris? I'm not a huge shopaholic, unless it's baby stuff, and bff or not, I'd be more of a ttyn... lol. so, it's Paula for me too... do ou think we could bring bobby and guy? lol

  13. I'd choose Martha or Oprah. I can't stand Paris Hilton - sorry, just can't do it! LOL Happy Aloha Friday!

  14. Chatting with Oprah. I would love to meet her!!

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  15. Gotta go w/ Paula. Martha Is dull (killer crafts though), Oprah is pretty, well, have you noticed that unless she's REALLY into the guest she hardly ever looks @ them? & Paris? That girl really needs to get a life.

  16. Gosh I don't know which one I would pick! They are all good!

  17. cooking with Paula! That would be the best ya'll!

  18. Even though she is buyin, I couldn't stand a day with Paris Hilton I would have to pick Chatting with Oprah - who knows I might get something free out of that too!

  19. Martha would drive me insane. I'd mess something up and she'd kick me out of her studio.

    Love Oprah. I have this elaborate fantasy that b/c our birthdays our on the same day, she'll have me and other 1/29 birthdays on and give us fabulous gifts.

    but my pick would be paula deen!

  20. I would also select Paula Deen. She seems like such a fun woman to just spend time with. Her fun nature and cooking would certainly make for a great day.

  21. Gosh...I would love to go with Paula Deen or Oprah. It's such a toss up for me!