Friday, February 13, 2009

just thoughts...

... on this Friday.

Usually, on Fridays I like to participate in Aloha Friday. Today, however, I'm going to just use my blog to clear some thoughts. Gloomy ones. So if you'd rather not hear 'em, please stop reading now.

I'm a pretty private person. I'm debating posting this even as I type it. And, I think these types of posts may go against the 'good blog' rules.

I just feel so apprehensive about the future with the state of our economy.

Frankly, it's scary.

For me.
For my parents.
For my children.

Talked to my Mom today. My parents are thinking of moving out of state, (my Dad has a possible job opportunity in Wisconsin) the opposite of where I'd like to move (south).

My best gal pal has already moved. Because of Michigan's economy.

My other best gal is giving it another year here then they are looking to move out-of-state.

We only have weeks (6 or so) before hubby is a certified Police Officer. But, he has commitments here for at least a few years. (I'm thinking--the exact commitments are still up in the air at this point.) My job can relocate to many other states. Actually, almost all of them. I feel so blessed for us to both have careers that are nor directly tied to the automotive industry. Unfortunately, most people that live
here, do- like my parents.

Hope? Where's that? It's not here.

I feel this impending sense of doom- we haven't bottomed out yet in Michigan. The state is looking at a projected 1B+ deficit.
What does that mean for my children, for their future? What does that mean for my future? Hubby's?

Education cuts? Higher state taxes? Higher property taxes on a home I currently pay a mortgage for every month that isn't worth what I owe.

Home values have tanked, no one is buying.

How do I move if I wanted to???

It's frustrating trying to decide what's the best path to take for our family.

And, no one knows what to do. We are all trying to find our way.

Honestly, I want to run as far from this state as possible. But-- what's the other states like? I know they face much of the same problems. High unemployment, tanking home values, deficits.

I've been keeping my devotional close. I need words of comfort near me. I don't
mind hard work and cutting back. But when I don't feel any hope. That's a problem.
Know what I mean?

Sorry for the doom and gloom post today. If you read this far- bless your heart.
Maybe by getting it out and sending these thoughts out there (where ever there is) my heart won't feel as heavy as we face decisions.

Today, my thoughts and prayers go out to the
friends and family of loved ones lost on Flight 3407.


  1. first things first... no need to apologize, we all have days like this... sometimes even weeks or months... but i'm glad you posted about this... it is good to get it off your chest and help to make you feel better about it.

    i feel the same way you do... about it all. we live in NY... one of the most expensive states to live in... and I wonder how long we can hang on... we are a family of five living on one income, it is scary for me to think about us, right now, and the future for my friends and family.

    what does the future hold... when will things get better... will things get better... scary stuff. But better to talk about it than to keep this stress to yourself.

    i hope your parents don't have to move away to WI... I know I'd be devastated if my parents moved away from me... and I'm with you on wanting to move south... I'm tired of the cold... but that's another story...

    hang in there... we are all in the same boat... not that it's comforting to always know that... but maybe you can find some comfort in the idea that you aren't the only one worrying about this...

    thinking of you!! have a great weekend...

    xoxoxo HUGS!

  2. Jennifer, thank you for the thoughtful comment, you are such a sweet and wonderful blog friend!

    It does feels good to have posted about it. Thank you for 'listening' and for sharing.

    Big Hugs friend!

  3. I hear ya some very scary times, I'm a control person and this is really killing me. It's nice to be real everyonce in a while.

    Stopping by from SITS :)

  4. There is just so many things going on in everyones lives and it is very scary to think about the future.

    In all honesty, I try not to think about the economy and just go on about my daily life doing the best that we can. In your situation it sounds like it would be even harder to do. I will keep you and your family in my prayers!

  5. Jen,

    I couldn't help but be struck by the Maya Angelou quote that was next to your post.

    Maybe we all have to wait it out (a hard, but perhaps prudent, thing to do) and embrace change when it happens.

    Oh hell, I don't know either!

  6. This is your blog, post what you'd like :)

    I completely understand what you're saying. We're military, so job security is there, but there are other factors that hurt us, and then there's our families, who are not military, who are suffering at the hands of this economy, too. It breaks me to see what is happening.

    I wish I could fix it. I wish there was something I could do. I don't wish this on anyone, especially our children.

    *huge hugs*

  7. Agree with your first comment, don't apologize. It's your blog, say what you want/feel. It is a tough time and hard to say what will happen in the future but you have your family, you're in this together. Hugs!

  8. Oh girl, I totally hear you. No need to feel sorry for this post. I live in Michigan with you, and it is definitely scary. So many friends I know are losing work daily. We've taken cut backs, but still have work. The future is so up in the air... no answers here, just saying I'm with ya. I know we'll get through it, just not sure how it will end up or what it will look like.


  9. girl, there would be something wrong if you didn't feel this way! i actually think too many americans are apathetic about the huge crisis happening right now in our country. i am so lucky jason has a stable job, but i don't by any means. so i feel your worry.

    i think all any of us can do is prepare the best we can. save as much as you can each month. pay off debt. do little projects to improve your home. and keep your eyes and ears open for god to open doors in your life.

    in times like these, i just have to have faith. God provides.

  10. Hugs Jen! I agree--it's very scary. I hope we're not crazy for trying to buy that other house. Every time I turn on th enews I get depressed! I am trying to be optimistic though! i hope everything works out for your parents, friends and you!!

  11. Thank you ladies for the comments. It was nice to be able to vent out my thoughts. =)