Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Cent Tuesday: Parenting

This week's Two Cent topic is Parenting. Stop by TuTu's Bliss to partake in the fun!

I'm no parenting expert. I'm not.even.close as I'm trying to fight my way out alive of this 'stage' (my mother-in-law told me it's best to think of your kids as growing in and out of 'stages'. Stages they will always outgrow).

This 'stage' that my first born is in, is better known as the teen years. I also refer to this stage as 'Help, the body snatchers have stolen my sweet daughter and replaced her with this crazy child that I don't know.'

Speaking of crazy. {grin}

The absolute best ever advice that has helped me as I try to ride out this stormy stage?

Teens are CRAZY!

No, for real.

They really are.

Two ground-breaking studies have shown that the prefontal cortex of the brain (the part that controls emotion, impulse and rational decision making) haven't matured yet in teens!

It doesn't really start to mature until the teen years.

And... one study also found that the brain continues to grow through the teen years, with a substantial growth in the part of the brain nerves that are critical in good decision making.

Oh ma gosh.

It's scientifically proven they can't make rational, good decisions and control their emotions??

Wow, huh? Ground-breaking, indeed.

My two cents: Teens are crazy. We, the parents of teens are not. Remembering that is how you'll stay sane. When they are 13 acting like they are 5, it's best to remember the whole 'prefontal cortex not matured yet' thing and proceed with caution. You can also beg the bodysnatchers to please return your darling child, like I do. ;P

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm going to have three girls in their teens together. I may have to move :)

  2. I am new here! What a great blog :)

  3. Haha. I think the body snatchers are pretty stubborn. I'd recommend holding on for dear life...lol

  4. Speak the truth sistah! My 13 year old drives me NUTS! She repeats herself constantly, telling me the same reports of the same kids doing the same things at school, or about practice, Jonas Brothers gossip, you name it!Ahhhh!!! I repeat myself with my younger ones all the time, making me feel like *I'm* losing my mind. Either its her growing brain or its contagious!!! LOL

  5. Good to know. Does that apply for the other age groups b/c my kids act crazy too for no reason.

  6. That was a great post Jen! I'm still lol'n over the bodysnatchers!

  7. Great post I guess the body snatchers got me when I was 16 because I have no idea what or who I was. I have a one year old now and I am not sure what she has planned for me in her teen years.

  8. I *knew* I was right. My daughter does belong in the loony bin. :)

  9. I think I must copy and paste this and show my husband.


  10. when hell freezes over and i evenutally have children, i take heart in knowing i can pick your brain for your mad parenting skillz.

  11. Oohh, that's great advice. And it makes total sense too. I'll have to write it all down and stash it away for a future sanity saver!

  12. When Mo starts to get there I'm going to put a note on her bedroom window. "No refunds or exchanges" Then when the bodysnatchers do come for the transformation, they'll know up front that she and her prefrontal cortex are all theirs. FOREVER! MUWAH HA HA HA!

    What are the chances they'll take me instead?