Thursday, February 19, 2009

Places I love

An assignment from Operation Nice this week, that I'm just now getting to...

Places I love.

My list:

in my bed with the sunshine filling my room
antique shops
bucca di beppo restaurant- filled with old italian decor and music
the historic mill by our home that we picnic with the kids
any place in florida- it reminds me of spending my childhood summers at my grandparents home there
tim horton's- I love the smell inside and their english toffee cappuccinos
northern michigan- camping on the lake. love it
my backyard on a summer night- sitting outside with hubby
a local coffee bar- twice a month visits spent with one of my dearest friends talking for hours
jamestown, virginia
my kitchen when I'm canning/making jam
my home- when its clean

It's nice sometimes to reflect on the places that make me feel happy.

There's just so many places to love. What are some places you love?

Have a happy Thursday blog friends!


  1. my home
    the beach (outer banks nc)
    parked on my sofa watching a dvr'd show

    Thanks for the smile today!

  2. Santa Fe, NM with my mom and my son
    my couch on Sunday mornings watching CBS Sunday morning
    snuggling with my son while tucking him in at night & saying prayers
    snuggling in bed with Hubby
    being at the Opera (a very rare treat)
    being in Jamaica with Hubby
    taking part in Communion each week
    just about any family outing/adventure
    and I also love being at Target!

  3. Ohh lots...

    my home
    my children's necks when hugging/kissing
    cooking in my kitchen
    my husband's chest
    Busch Gardens VA
    my college (SUNY New Paltz)
    my porch swing
    Orlando - specifically Universal and Islands of Adventure, as well as Disney

    Oh.. and TARGET lol

  4. Oh I like all your place so much!

    I guess my favorite place is a patch of sunlight, outside.

  5. Target would make my list too. How funny.

    I'm learning more and more that I'm totally a homebody. A glass of wine on the couch in front of the TV with my hubby next to me and the kids in bed? Ahhh.

  6. The Bucca di Beppo restaurant is so much fun! I went there with the girls from work and we sat in the kitchen and had so much fun!

    Now on to my favorite place:
    * Sitting in a lounge chair reading on the beach.
    * Cuddling with my guys on the couch watching a movies...especially a Christmas movie
    * Target

  7. i second bed, target, coffee shops, sitting outside....

    i love the beach. it's soothing to my soul.

  8. hehehe, target is a place we all love! Love it! =)

    Ahhh, the beach sounds so heavenly right now...

  9. very nice!

    the beach (anywhere on the beach)
    estes park (colorado)
    my bed with my dogs, my husband and son
    the backyard in the early morning with the birds