Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bits and pieces...

of the last few days in the K house...

Yesterday was a day of shopping with some great finds! Nicholas & I hit up Target before lunch, and this caught my eye for his little toddler bed. It's so cute and the colors match his room perfectly.
When we came home, he immediately asked, "Where's my cars, Mom?"
Later that day after we put his new bedding on, he kept sitting down on his bed, patting the place next to him and saying, "Sit down next to me, Mom." He really likes his new bedding. Pretty cute.

After Haley came home from school, we headed out to the mall to get her some jeans. She didn't didn't find any jeans she liked, but she did find her dress for the 8th grade farewell dance!! It's a little black number and it's so cute! It looks like this , minus the bow and it has some rhinestone detail in the center and thinner straps. Now, we just need to find some shoes she likes.
I'm having a hard time grasping the idea that she'll be out of school in a few months and off to high school in the fall. Seriously, where did the time go?

Hubby is wrapping up quite a bit at academy. They certify at the gun range tomorrow. And, next week they get the dreaded whole bottle of pepper spray in your open eyes (required to keep them open) while a tactical officer tries to confiscate your weapon. He hears it's as bad as it sounds. Yikes. He's just hoping he doesn't have to get tasered now that the PD is able to have them. Oh fun, eh?

I'm very anxious for him to graduate already. It feels like life has been put on hold a bit.

And, I know I've already mentioned this, but I have a fever.
Spring fever, that is!!
Please mother nature, no more snow for us in Michigan. Send it down to Ohio or something. ;P

Well, I'm off to work.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Good luck to your hubby with the Pepper Spray...My husband said that it was not as bad as getting tased!

  2. His bedding is adorable. I mean awesome. Is he too big for adorable? What a great find.

    High school? Wow...I'm not there yet but time sure is going by.

    Good luck to your husband. What a crazy task to go through but I guess it's part of the job.

  3. holy pepper spray batman! not cool :/

    the bedding is super-cute! I know what you mean about high school... eek!

  4. Here in our little corner of MI we are getting a major thunderstorm. I am almost excited about it b/c so far it isn't snow! Yes. We need SPRING!!!
    It was fun to find your blog. Your recipe for Italian Sausage Penne looks yummy. I just bookmarked it for one of next weeks dinners. Thanks for following us on ABC and 123. We are really excited to get things going on the 13th.
    Katie @ A Listmaker's Life

  5. Hi Danielle, Jen and Lisa! =)

    Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited for your new blog to launch. =)

  6. cute dress and cute bedding. those are great finds.

    i can't believe your husband has to get pepper sprayed. i get the point but geez!