Tuesday, March 10, 2009

just canning today

Last summer's jam.

After 3 days of my little guy fighting the nasty stomach/flu bug, I can finally get to something that has been on my mini daily docket for a week!

I was so excited when I found my cute lil' canning jars last week (wait til you see them, they're so tiny & cute!) that I had picked up at a yard sale in the summer (the same jars that I wasn't able to find when I made my strawberry jam so I had to use my old ones) hidden in the back of my storage cabinet in the basement. (One wonders how they got there. Although, after searching and not being able to locate them previously, I told myself that maybe I hadn't bought them after all. Maybe... I had changed my mind and not bought them? Yeah, my memory is that shot.)

Pineapple Preserves is on my docket today, folks.

I'm even going to use an award winning recipe.

Award Winning Pineapple Preserves

What awards, you ask? Not sure. But, I'm counting on them turning out as tasty as they are easy. Wish me luck. =)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. What is a water-bath canner process? I've always wanted to learn how to can things....

  2. Oooooh! Pineapple preserves sounds SO good!! I've never canned before. Can't wait to find out how it tastes!!

  3. I have never had pinapple preserves.....yum! Sounds so good!

  4. Hi Shorty! The water bath canning process is just taking your filled jars and placing them into a big pot of boiling water for a specific period of time. After that, you just place them on a towel and wait for them to seal. =)

    Let me know if you need anymore info. I've only did pickles, tomatoes and jams so far. I might try some salsa & apples in the fall, though.

    Hi Jennifer! Hi Becky!

  5. those are such cute jars. i'm thinking off all the canning and crafting possibilities!