Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend W's

Woo-hoo: I finished finding/prepping all the crafts for the kids' remaining pre-preschool theme units this weekend!! (With the help of hubby- I had him cutting sail boats and pirate hats out construction paper last night.) I can't believe we have only a handful of themes left. Time sure does fly. Well, unless you're waiting for warmer weather. Then it drags. ;P

Wish: That I would have picked up that oh-so-cute black & cream fabric I seen the other day instead of being indecisive and waiting. I could be making pillows today. Instead, I have to clean. (see below)

Whine: I barely touched any housework this weekend. That means more fun for today. {snort}

Wisdom: In honor of Dr. Seuss' Birthday:

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss

Weakness: Dollar bins at Target.

Want: Pecan pie. A big ole piece.

Web: Preschool Express Cute art ideas for the little ones!
I visit this website all the time for art/crafts/activity ideas to go along with our theme units.

Whimsy: Fabric Fortune Cookies

Hope you have a great Monday. What's on your agenda for the day?



  1. I love that quote from Dr. Suess! What a cool guy he was.

    Those fabric fortune cookies are awesome!! Do you know how to make them?

    No offers on our house--yet!! But I'm encouraged b/c the one across the street sold for close to the asking price.

  2. Love Dr. Suess. We have a snow day today so thinking of making green eggs for lunch then getting outside to play.

  3. Hi Jennifer, thanks for coming by ABC and 123 and for becoming a follower. I hope you take some pictures of the activities you do with your kids from the curriculum your doing. I am sure everyone would like to know if you've found it helpful and your likes and dislikes. Maybe we could have you write a guest post on it evaluating it.

    Anyway, I am sorry if I've already come over and thanked you for joined up and also sorry if I haven't and it's taken me so long. As you can see I'm a bit behind due to sickness and my own injury.

    I went back through you blog a ways, did you know both of the Katies also live in MI!

    I certainly hear you about the car companies and have the same fears. My best friend moved to AZ after she had to give her house away at a huge loss after she lost her job. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter in this state if you work for the car companies or not a lot of us are tied into this together!

    I think all we can do is pray for a turn around.

  4. Howdy! Dropping by fromm sits. Meet Sock Monkey. He is looking forward to meeting new people.

    Sock Monkey

  5. Those dollar bins are a killer aren't they? I hear ya.

    *One* piece of pecan pie surely wouldn't hurt anything...

  6. I love Dr. Suess and those darn dollar bins!

  7. The Dr. Seuss quote is just so true.

    Thanks for the site on Preschool art ideas. I love doing crafts with Carter, but I am not very creative, so this site will help me out a ton!

    What is it with those fabulous Dollar bins at Target. I swear that every time I walk in the door I find something new that I just couldn't possibly live without.

  8. Over from SITS.

    What a great post!

  9. The target dollar bins get me every. single. time.! Thanks for the preschool express link, I always enjoy sites with cute kid crafts!

  10. My favorite Suess line???

    I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful one hundred percent!!!!!

  11. love the dr. seuss quote.

    Weakness: Dollar bins at Target.
    me too!