Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aloha Friday!

Yay- It's Aloha Friday! My Aloha Friday question is:

Yesterday's blog post was all about some of my quirks .

So my question for you is- What's one of your quirks?

What's something that makes you, 'you'?

C'mon... spill.

Inquiring minds want to know...

{And don't worry, we don't judge 'round here. =)}

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Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I have a bedtime routine that I have to follow, or I can't sleep. I check the back door to make sure it's locked by pulling on and twisting it several times (once isn't enough, I guess!), then I turn on a certain kitchen light to check and make sure the oven is off, then I check the smoke alarm. I check it every night because sometimes I take out the battery and forget, and if I didn't, I'd wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if I'd taken the battery out or not. I know it sounds slightly obsessive-compulsive, but this is the only thing I'm like that about!

  2. Next to quirk in the dictionary is my picture. *sigh* lol.

    One of mine is when I go grocery shopping I need to clean the cart handle and then my hands (because after all I did touch the handle once).

    And I always eat the black jelly beans because I feel sorry for them.

    Wait, is this quirky or nuts-o?

  3. According to my hubby it is my unfaltering positive attitude.

  4. Hey - great minds think alike!
    I have a few that come to mind: I can't get into bed at night unless my bed is made. I will remake the whole bed at midnight just to get under the covers. Also, I am a compulsive 'checker.' I can be laying down in the middle of the night and get up worried that the stove is on or the doors aren't locked or the dryer is running, even if I didn't use any of the appliances.
    Lastly - so stupid - I get turned off from a movie if they somehow incorporate the movie's title into the script.

  5. Probably thinking that I'm so great that I don't have any quirks. LOL :)

  6. I can never find anything. I just never remember where I last left something LOL.

  7. I can't pick the first/front of anything at the store (clothes, food, whatever). Don't know why.

    PS: Was it hard to add the 3rd column to your blog?

  8. I have a quirk with numbers I am always counting steps, seconds etc... every since I was a kid I have counted steps between each house when walking and then the competition comes in trying to beat those steps I know quirky but then you asked

  9. Every time I run water in the kitchen or bathroom sink I have to dry it with a towel. Plus I can't leave dirty dishes in the sink, they have to go into the dishwasher. I always have to double check to see if I turned the alarm on if I've been outside.

  10. I have to prewash every dish before it gets put in the dishwasher, then run the dishwasher. I am not talking about just a quick rinse. I mean, down and dirty scrub them clean and then clean them again in the dishwasher. Drives my husband insane. lol

    Happy Friday! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. My kitchen has to be clean before I go to bed or I can't sleep! Before I go to bed I check the doors -- make sure all the knobs or off on the stove.

  12. If I'm with other people, I don't open doors. This was recently pointed out to me.

  13. Hi jen--I just read through your quirks and we have some in common! I love water bottles (bad though I know) and I'm the same w/ th eread meat. However, I have recently given up read meat for good (w/ the exception of tonight at the 25 course dinner!)

    Also, I HATE popsicle sticks! the very thought od them makes me cringe!!

  14. I always have rubbed my feet & sometimes my toes together. Can't sleep unless I do it & when I'm stressed my feet will rub about a mile a minute!

  15. Hmm. . . one quirky thing about me is I always pick out the cookie dough from my ice cream to save for the end. Of course I really should just get the dough and skip the ice cream. Drives my hubby bonkers when we have it in the house (not often).

    Love your list!

  16. I have a little OCD in me. So lets see - I have to have all of my money face side up and facing the same way. I, too, have to check all of the doors. I, too, can't sleep in an unmade bed and never make it when I wake up but right before I go to sleep. I have to count before I go to sleep up to a hundred by 5's. If you tell me something like I am 27 and I had my child 7 years ago - even though I know the answer is 20 years I have to count from 7 to 27 to get the answer. I may do that several times before I can stop. Ok I think that is enough. lol I could go on all night.

  17. lol these are all hilarious!!! I love Sheila above who feels bad for the black jelly belly beans LOL.

    Hmm...I double and triple check things. I think I hear things all the time.. lol I can never just pop one knuckle.. I go through both hands, wrists, then neck.. really fast.

    I have to go down the same aisles at the grocery store every time or I get flustered and confused lol

    I know there are more.. just can't think of any.